All bills will be published in Bogyoke Aung San’s series

All bills will be published in Bogyoke Aung San’s series …

Vice President U Soe Min said that all the types of banknotes will be replaced by Generals and will increase security by value.

“All the bills will be released gradually, according to General Aung San and the series. It will replace existing ones. Security is different. For example, if there are 10,000 security, there are security enhancements. We will upgrade the technology, ”he said.

On January 4, the Burmese government released a one-thousand-dollar kyat by General Aung San.

U Soe Min, vice-chairman of the central bank, said the bills were a design change and would be based on the production of old bills.

“The production of a new ton is just a new design. It does not exceed the specified amount. If the excess goes out, inflation will be. It is an organization that aims to do this and control everything possible and how much it will print and print. The volume is set to be published. Now, printing is just a new format. “It’s just a change of design.”

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